Concept of Processing Speed

Calculating the required processing speed and the maximum number of inspections

The following case assumes that targets are fed intermittently and the line stops for a specific period when one target arrives in front of the camera and then moves to bring the next target.
If, for example, you want to know how many targets can be inspected within a minute, you can calculate it from the processing speed of the machine vision system.

Maximum number of inspections per minute = 60 seconds/Processing time of the machine vision system in seconds

Example: When the machine vision system's processing speed is 20 ms, the maximum number of inspections per minute can be calculated as: 60 s/0.02 s = 3000/minute. (= 50/second)

Since the processing speed of machine vision depends on its capability and settings, you should confirm it using actual targets and settings.

A simple inspection can be processed within about 20 to 100 ms.
Conversely, if you know the desired inspection speed, you can use the following formula:

Required machine vision processing speed (ms) = 1/Desired number of inspections per second x 1000