Factory Automation
Using Machine Vision


What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is a system for recognizing targets using a camera as the “machine’s eyes” and then performing various tasks such as inspection, character and code recognition, and positioning. Such systems utilize industrial cameras, lenses, lighting, and image processing systems.

Machine vision can be used in a wide range of applications, including visual inspection of industrial products, reading of characters and codes, and positioning for industrial robots.

What can you learn from KEYENCE Vision Experts?

Image processing has now become absolutely necessary in FA for improving line efficiency, checking defective workpieces and other purposes.
To introduce machine vision that maximizes cost performance, you need various know-how, such as lens and lighting selection, camera and target positioning, and how to apply it to industrial automation.

  • If you have ever thought of automating visual inspection of production lines,
  • or have ever considered image processing (camera-based inspection)
    but gave up because it seemed too difficult,

this is site for you.
KEYENCE's professional instructors in charge of
new employee training fully explain image processing starting from the basics.

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