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Inline 3D Inspection 3D Vision series

3D Inspection and Measurement System

  • No Data Dropout
  • High Accuracy XYZ
  • Quick 3D Image Setup

3D Vision series - Inline 3D Inspection

The XT series is a highly accurate 2D and 3D vision system used to perform advanced in-line inspections. The XT series includes 2 camera models with a field of view up to 60x60mm to inspect and measure parts across various manufacturing industries. With a 9+ megapixel image sensor and large diameter telecentric lens, the XT is repeatable to 0.5-1µm with +/- 10-20 µm accuracy. These high-quality images can be captured in as little as 0.6 seconds. Along with capturing accurate 3D image data, the 2D image is illuminated with RGB lighting to ensure highly accurate color imaging, which enables inspection of 2D features simultaneously.


  • Coiled Wire 3D inspection and measurement

  • Solder Appearance Inspection

  • Crimp Dimension Inspection

  • Resin Molding Appearance Inspection


Extremely Accurate 2d & 3d Inspection and Measurement over the Entire Field of View

Hardware Designed for High Accuracy

9.44 megapixel CMOS image sensor for high-resolution images
In-head parallel processing that enables high-speed inline inspection
Large-diameter telecentric lens for high-accuracy full-scale inspection
4-transmitter RGB projector that imaging with no blind spots over the entire field of view