Pressure Sensors

This page introduces KEYENCE’s lineup of N-bus–compatible and IO-Link–compatible pressure sensors in addition to the supported networks and connection examples.

N-bus–compatible pressure sensor lineup

N-bus–compatible pressure sensors

IO-Link–compatible pressure sensor lineup

IO-Link–compatible pressure sensors

Connection example

NU Series network communication units can be used to connect N-bus–compatible pressure sensors.

  • Using N-bus–compatible devices makes it possible to connect different models together.
  • Up to 16 sensors can be connected to a single communication unit.
NU Series network communication units

From left: NU-EP1, LV-N10, FS-N40, AP-N10 (×3)

Network example

Network example
  • A network-compatible unit or board is required for PLCs and PCs.

Supported networks

Series Field network Other communication functions
Pressure Sensor
AP-N Series
Field network




Other communication functions
Heavy Duty Digital Pressure Sensor
GP-M Series
Field network

(NQ Series)
Other communication functions
  • Click here to contact KEYENCE regarding PROFINET and PROFIBUS connections.

Typical connection example

Using an NU Series communication unit makes it possible to collect and manage various information from N-bus–compatible pressure sensors. This allows for the construction of information systems for batch monitoring of pressures at various locations, predictive maintenance, changeovers, quality management, and more.

The following example includes network-connected pressure sensors.

Real-time monitoring of suction pad wear

Monitoring the pressure values makes it possible to check suction pad wear conditions without the need for periodic inspections.
Optimizing suction pad replacement timing can help reduce the time and costs spent on maintenance.

Suction pad wear monitoring
Real-time monitoring of suction pad wear
Real-time monitoring of suction pad wear
Pressure during suction
(Peak/bottom hold)

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