Servo Motors

This page introduces KEYENCE’s lineup of servo motors in addition to the supported networks and connection examples.

Servo motor lineup

Connection example

The communication ports on the front of the servo amplifier can be used for connecting dedicated cables.

Two MECHATROLINK interface ports are available on the SV2 Series for daisy-chain connections with multiple servo amplifiers. The RJ45 communication port connector can also be used for Ethernet cables that support MECHATROLINK-III.

(Ex.) SV2 Series
(Ex.) SV2 Series

Network example

Network example

Actuators, remote I/O devices, and other network-compatible equipment can also be mixed and matched in addition to servo motors.

  • A unit that supports the specific network will be required for the PLC.

Supported networks

Series Field network Other communication functions
Servo Motor
SV2 Series
Field network
Other communication functions

Typical connection example

Connecting to a network makes it possible to collect and manage various information from servo motors. This makes recovery possible simply by changing the motor amplifier should a problem arise.

The following example includes a KV-XH16ML positioning/motion unit connected to an SV2 Series device.

Improved quality through combined positioning and torque control

Controlling both position and torque in conventional systems meant adjusting the target coordinates and correcting for position deviations, making it extremely difficult to adjust the torque. Using a KV Series device makes it possible to improve both efficiency and quality thanks to continuous positioning control and torque control operations.

Metal component fitting process
(Combined positioning and torque control)
Improved quality through combined positioning and torque control

SV2 Series AC servo motor

KV-XH16ML positioning/motion unit

Improved quality through combined positioning and torque control
OK/NG judgment based on torque value and press-fitting position



Press-fitting OK line

Press-fitting point

Current coordinates

Positioning control

Torque control

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