This section explains the high-speed link system (HLS).


HLS is an open network promoted by Step Technica Co., Ltd. Up to 64 devices can be easily linked using special ICs.

Wiring Method and Communication Protocol

Wiring method

Devices can be connected based on RS-485 with a maximum transmission rate of 12 Mbps. The multidrop method is used for wiring and the communication distance is 100 m (328.1′) (transmission rate: 12 Mbps, number of connected devices: 32). Only one master can exist in a network and up to 63 devices can be connected to the master.

Communication protocol

Special ICs are required to use the original protocol and networks can be easily built using these special ICs. The protocol uses the master/slave method, controlling 16 bits for the input and 16 bits for the output per slave. The master stores the input status of each slave in its internal memory and outputs signals to each slave.


HLS sends and receives data using the master/slave method. Communication cycles are stable because HLS communicates in a fixed cycle and does not retry when communication errors occur. Communication is controlled by the special ICs, which eliminates the need to create original commands.

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