This page introduces KEYENCE’s lineup of loggers and recorders with communication functionality in addition to the supported networks and connection examples.

Lineup of loggers/recorders with communication functionality

Loggers/recorders with communication functionality

Network example

Network example
  • A network-compatible unit or board is required for PLCs and PCs.

Supported networks

Series Field network Other communication functions
CAN Ethernet
Data Logger
NR-X Series
Field network

Other communication functions

Typical connection example

Connecting to a network makes it possible to collect and manage various information from loggers and recorders. This allows for the construction of systems for remote status monitoring, changeovers, and more.

The following example includes a network-connected recorder.

Linking with control equipment

Temperature data recorded and displayed using the recorder can be imported to the PLC for temperature control. Calculations such as PID control within the PLC can also be performed.

Linking with control equipment

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