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Damage to IC Parts During Cell Process Work

When a PCB is sprayed with PCB cleaning spray and then lifted by a worker (wearing a wrist strap for grounding), the IC components mounted on the PCB are sometimes damaged by the discharge between the worker and PCB.
The discharge is caused by the electrostatic charge on the PCB generated by the spray.

Damage to IC Parts During Cell Process Work

Conventional countermeasures


  • It is not effective for nonconductors.
  • A connection to ground is required.

Using conductive materials

  • The components themselves cannot be changed.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

An ionizer enhances the effect of measures against static electricity in cell processes and improves the yield rate.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

Improvements and Effects
Words from the worksite

Improved manufacturing yield rate

The measures against static electricity involve various factors such as improvement of employee training and thorough grounding. It is difficult to calculate the effect of just the static eliminator, but the yield rate has certainly improved.
There are other invisible effects such as improved levels of trust in the manufacturing quality.