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Film Clinging to Blade After Cutting

A film is sent to a cutting machine by roll transfer. A certain length of the film is fed to the cutting machine and a blade comes down to cut the film. The film is charged during the roll transfer and sometimes clings to the blade, which prevents proper feeding. Consequently, the blade comes down without a target or the film is cut to incorrect dimensions.

Film Clinging to Blade After Cutting

Conventional countermeasures

Handled by workers

  • Workers cannot constantly address the problem, so the operating ratio decreases.
  • Labor costs are high.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

The operating ratio can be improved and labor costs can be reduced.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

Improvements and Effects
Words from the worksite

Reduced disposal cost of defective products and labor cost for work

Production cost during short stop: $1,000/month x 12 months = $12,000/year

Labor cost: $25/hour x Single work time of 2 minutes x 10 times/day x 250 days = $2,000/year