Static Eliminator (Ionizer) Selection Points [Price]

The price of a static eliminator (ionizer) is mainly determined by the three basic performance factors of static elimination: speed, ion balance, and maintainability.

Static Elimination Speed

The faster the static elimination speed, the shorter the time required to eliminate the static electricity from a single target.
To prevent the takt time of a manufacturing line from being affected, it is necessary to eliminate static electricity quickly.

Price Versus Static Elimination Speed
High Low Slow Fast Price Static elimination speed

Ion Balance

A static eliminator (ionizer) with good ion balance can bring the target to an uncharged state (close to ±0 V) and can maintain this state. Poor ion balance decreases the static electricity elimination accuracy. When this is the case, static electricity problems cannot be completely prevented.

Price Versus Ion Balance
High Low Poor Good Price Ion balance


Continued use of a static eliminator (ionizer) that employs the corona discharge method leads to the deterioration of the electrode probe, thereby decreasing the static elimination capability. This decreased capability reduces the static elimination speed and makes the ion balance worse. These symptoms can be fixed by maintaining the electrode probe. Maintenance frequency varies depending on the type of static eliminator (ionizer). It is necessary to select a device that matches the desired purpose and installation environment.

Price Versus Maintenance Frequency
High Low More frequent Less frequent Price Maintenance frequency