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Malfunction of BM Meter in Paper Making Line

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs from the paper, which is charged during roll transfer to the metal parts of equipment and measuring instruments. Electromagnetic noise produced by the discharge can cause malfunction of equipment or measuring instruments.

Paper making line: a process using paper-making machines and related equipment

BM meter: B (Basic weight) is grammage or the weight of paper per square meter.
M (Moisture) is moisture content.

Malfunction of BM Meter in Paper Making Line

Conventional countermeasures

Conventional static eliminator

  • The static elimination speed is insufficient.
  • The operating ratio decreases due to maintenance.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

An ionizer effectively eliminates the large electrostatic charge on the paper, while the enclosure protection against powder contamination reduces the need for maintenance of the electrode probes. This limits the decrease in operating ratio.

Countermeasures with static eliminators (ionizers)

Improvements and Effects
Words from the worksite

Reduced production loss caused by the malfunction of the BM meter

Cost of production loss: $5,000/month x 12 months = $60,000/year

The line basically operates 24 hours a day and maintenance is possible only during regular line stoppage. Consequently, it was crucial to use a static eliminator that can endure harsh conditions.