Brazing/soldering types and principles

This page introduces the basics of the joining principle of brazing as well as the fields in which this method is used.

Brazing/soldering is a method of joining without melting the base materials. Instead, it uses a filler material (brazing paste or soft filler material i.e. solder) that melts at a temperature lower than the base materials. Filler materials contain flux to ensure proper joining with the base material.

Applications of brazing/soldering include pipes, connectors and valves requiring leak tightness; pressure vessels requiring pressure resistance and leak tightness; and vehicle parts requiring corrosion and heat resistance. Soldering using a soft filler material (solder) is widely used for electronic circuits, electrical connectors, and precision electronic components.

Types and mechanisms of brazing/soldering
  1. Filler material or solder
  2. Joined section