Applications and Examples of Pulse Measurement

Pulse measurement is used for various applications, including measuring the number of motor rotations and the amount of water/oil flow. The number of rotations or the amount of flow can be used for the following: to obtain speed (flow rate) or time, to calculate the rotation error between belt conveyors, or to monitor the amount of discharged liquid. In this way, pulse measurement is absolutely necessary for research and development and on production sites. This section introduces examples of pulse measurement in industries such as the electric equipment, electronic device, and metal/steel industries. These examples are grouped into R&D and production site applications.

R&D applications

Electrical equipment industryRotation speed measurement for photocopier rollers

Rotation speed measurement for photocopier rollers

The rotation speed of a roller is measured to verify its operation. A combination of the Multi-Input Data Collection System NR Series and a pulse measurement unit enables you to measure the rotation speed easily. If a temperature or acceleration measurement unit is also connected, heat dissipation and malfunctions of each part can also be inspected simultaneously, thereby improving the inspection efficiency. Measured data can be transferred to your PC over a network so that you can verify this data during measurement and significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary work.

Electronic device industryFan rotation testing

Fan rotation testing

The rotation speed of a fan used for various types of cooling is recorded. To test the durability of a fan, it is necessary to record data for a long period of time. With the Multi-Input Data Collection System NR Series, you can collect data without worrying about the remaining memory capacity because the product is compatible with a large-capacity CF memory card, and you can replace cards while continuing to collect data. Furthermore, even in the case of an unexpected power supply problem such as a power failure, the power supply required to operate until data is completely saved is secured by a micro UPS circuit. When using this product with your PC connected, you can also create a backup on the PC’s hard disk simultaneously. This means that you can take sufficient measures against data and file damage, thereby collecting and saving data safely.

Electrical equipment industryGear rotation testing

Gear rotation testing

The rotation speed of a gear is measured. The Multi-Input Data Collection System NR Series is equipped with a pulse measurement unit having a built-in F/V converter, so you can easily measure the rotation speed by just connecting a sensor. This product allows for the evaluation of a gear under various conditions and features settings that are easy to configure, thus enhancing the efficiency of your tests.

Production site applications

Metal and steel industryFlow rate measurement for cooling water

Flow rate measurement for cooling water

Production sites use liquids such as water and oil for cooling, polishing, cutting, etc. When users need to check the flow rate of such liquid, a flow meter is generally installed on the target piping to measure the rate on the basis of pulse signals. Because the Multi-Input Data Collection System NR Series supports pulse measurement as well, you can measure and collect instantaneous and accumulated flow rates on the basis of pulse signals from a flow meter. This helps you quickly identify the problems on a production site.

Metal and steel industryRotation speed measurement for conveyors

Rotation speed measurement for conveyors

Belt conveyors are driven by motors or other devices, and it is absolutely necessary to inspect such motors regularly to realize stable production. Insufficient maintenance will cause problems such as the seizure of bearings. Because of these problems, it may be necessary to stop the relevant production line for repairs. To prevent such problems, regular inspection is necessary to check for vibration and abnormal noise from motors. The Multi-Input Data Collection System NR Series is ideal for on-site inspection of rotation speed and vibration thanks to its compact design and portability. Those features enable simultaneous inspection of values such as rotation speed and vibration, thereby contributing to improved work efficiency.

Pulse measurement with a multi-input data logger and a high-precision measurement unit


Various types of frequency and rotation speed measurement are possible by combining the Multi-Input Data Logger NR Series, which is packed with various evaluation and analysis functions on the smallest and lightest body in its class, with the pulse measurement unit NR-FV04.

The NR-FV04—the world’s smallest 4-channel F/V conversion unit—detects pulse signals and calculates the frequency (rotation speed) per cycle. This product works effectively in a wide variety of situations, with easy setup and analysis through the dedicated software. By adding a measurement unit, a single data logger can support seven types of measurement—not only pulses but also analog signals, temperature, acceleration, and others. This function to enable various types of measurement simultaneously will improve the efficiency of your inspection and other work.