New Product BulletinThis is a must-see for anyone considering a coordinate measuring machine! A combination of accuracy and ease of use. The arrival of KEYENCE's Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine! Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM-Series Download Catalog
  • Choosing a coordinate measuring machine in today's market to solve your metrology application is becoming more complex than ever before.
  • Possible concerns may include: I do not have enough space to implement a coordinate measuring machine. Non-contact measuring machines look easier to use but are not accurate enough for my application. A coordinate measuring machine and the recurring costs are too expensive.
  • What if there was a coordinate measuring machine that could overcome all of these concerns? I need the machine to be next to the manufacturing floor to facilitate in-process inspection! I want a measuring machine that can be used easily by anyone, regardless of whether they are an experienced user! I wish there were a measuring machine that could automate everything from pass/fail judgment to inspection report preparation!
  • Introducing the revolutionary XM-Series, KEYENCE's Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine.Download Catalog
  • Three innovative ways the XM-Series meets these requirements: Feature1 Guided measurement enables easy measurement even for first-time users. Experience a new style of coordinate measurement — simply touch the target with the probe while following the augmented reality guidance on the screen. The XM-Series provides intuitive 3D measurement which is unaffected by variation in measurement points among operators. Feature2 Measurement anywhere is possible thanks to operation in a wide variety of manufacturing environments. With a compact body that overturns conventional ideas about coordinate measuring machine size, the XM-Series was designed based on the concept of unrestricted equipment layout to facilitate installation in any desired location.With no need for foundation work or auxiliary equipment such as compressors, the XM-Series also helps reduce introduction/implementation costs. Feature3 Measurement results are judged automatically and inspection reports are generated automatically. Based on registered tolerances, pass/fail judgment can be made as soon as measurements are taken. This saves inspection time in various manufacturing applications such as setting prototype conditions or performing acceptance inspections.
  • The XM-Series is also full of other advanced technologies that do not exist in conventional machines! We hope you will take this opportunity to download our catalog for the Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine XM-Series.Download Catalog
  • If you're interested in the XM-Series but are still wondering if it will be the right fit for your quality applications, fill out the information below and schedule a free on-site product demonstration.
  • For details on the functions and specifications, download the catalog. Due to additions made to the product or changes made to the specifications, the catalog may be changed to the latest document.
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