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XM Series

Handheld Probe

Easily measure parts with a full-range of motion.

The handheld probe makes movement easy. Parts can be approached freely from any angle, making it simple to measure dimensions that are otherwise difficult to measure with bridge CMMs.

Wide Measurement Range in a Compact Body

The secret is the sliding stage.

The stage on the XM Series can be moved. This is a mechanism that is impossible with conventional CMMs. This makes it possible to measure large and complex parts in a compact installation space.

Industry First Augmented Reality Measurement

The camera included on the probe makes it possible to capture images while performing measurements. The measurement data is overlaid on the part image, making it easy for anyone to understand what was measured even when they view the image at a later time.

Designed for a Variety
of Operating Environments

No quality lab needed - shop floor ready

Unlike conventional CMMs, the XM series has no moving parts.
This not only makes the system highly resistant to dust and vibrations, but also eliminates the need for maintenance and hard calibration. It also supports operating environment temperatures ranging from 50 - 90° F and humidities of 20 - 80% RH.

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