3D Scanner CMM VL-700 series

Scan, Analyze, and Output to STEP with a Single Device

  • Convert a physical object to a CAD model in minutes
  • Expand 3D data utilization with automatic CAD conversion
  • 3D comparative measurement for instant visualization of differences

VL-700 series - 3D Scanner CMM

The VL-700 Series 3D Scanner CMM is equipped with the world’s first fully automatic CAD conversion function. From scanning to STEP file output, this scanner handles everything automatically. There is no need to go through specialized conversion software to obtain data in a format accessible by CAD software, which eliminates these steps from the work procedure. Furthermore, the newly developed high-resolution transmitter and receiver lenses and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) CMOS sensor offer twice the detection ability of conventional models. True-to-life scanning makes it possible to obtain accurate 3D data with shape and color information. Using the comparison fitting algorithm, CAD data and coordinates can be used to perform comparative measurements.


Convert a Physical Object to a CAD Model in Minutes

One-click scanning enables even novice users to capture high-resolution data, with no stickers or special alignment required. After the scan data is captured, it can be automatically converted to CAD within our proprietary software and output for use with other applications.

Expand 3D Data Utilization with Automatic CAD Conversion

Acquire data with twice the resolution of previous models, and automatically convert to CAD for a variety of uses.

3D Comparative Measurement for Instant Visualization of Differences

Scan data can be superimposed on a CAD model, or other scan data, for easy color-visualization of the differences in shape. Cross-sectional measurements can also be performed to compare dimensional differences.