3D Scanner CMM

VL series

This product has been discontinued.

Recommended Replaceable Products: 3D Scanner CMM - VL-700 series

3D Scanner CMM VL series

VL series - 3D Scanner CMM

VL Series 3D Scanner CMMs can measure large targets in 3D from all directions, providing full 360° scanning capability. The motorized turntable moves in the X, Y, and θ directions for fully automated recognition and scanning of the measurement target. The high-magnification lens captures up to 16 million data points, allowing for the acquisition of precise data on small targets and complex shapes that cannot be measured with conventional scanners. Full 360° scans can be compared directly against CAD data, allowing for easy detection of deviations from design values, quick determination of good vs. bad parts, and wear analysis before and after use of a product.


Latest Technology

Scan, Analyze, and Output to STEP with a Single Device

VL-700 series - 3D Scanner CMM

  • Convert a physical object to a CAD model in minutes
  • Expand 3D data utilization with automatic CAD conversion
  • 3D comparative measurement for instant visualization of differences

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