Wide Area CMM WM series

New Portable Handheld 3D Probing and Scanning System

  • Wide measurement range of up to 25m (82ft).
  • Easy single-person measurement for large parts, assemblies, and equipment.
  • Portable and wireless for measurement anywhere.
  • Contact probe for 3D/GD&T measurement and a new laser-scanning probe for shape and form measurement.

WM series - Wide Area CMM

The Wide Area CMM WM Series of measuring instruments can easily measure the dimensions and shapes of products. Dimensions can be measured with the contact probe and shapes with the laser-scanning probe. The wireless probes eliminate routing limitations, allowing for easy measurement over a wide range. With no need for preprocessing such as spraying and sealing, scanning can be performed quickly and with high accuracy.


Easy to Use for Anyone, Anywhere

Arm CMM / Hand Tools / Laser Tracker

Difficult to Handle and Measure

  • Limited measurement range and routing capabilties
  • Restricted tool mobility
  • Requires a highly-trained operator


Easy Inspection With Wireless Probes

  • Wide measurement range with no routing limitations
  • Flexibility with portable and wireless setup
  • Immediately usable by anyone

Easy Single-Person Measurement of Large Targets

The wide measurement range of up to 25m (82ft) enables single-operator measurement of large applications across multiple industries.

Dimensional and Shape Measurement of Parts, Assemblies, and Equipment

Contact Probe for 3D/GD&T Measurement

Laser-Scanning Probe for Shape Measurement