3D Surface Profiler

VK-X3000 series

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3D Surface Profiler VK-X3000 series

Now Equipped with White Light Interferometry, Measure from Nanometers to Millimeters

Triple scan approach — Surpassing conventional optical profilers

  • Measure targets ranging from nanometers to micrometers to millimeters
  • All-in-one measurement system for in-depth analysis
  • Best-in-Class 0.01 nm Resolution

VK-X3000 series - 3D Surface Profiler

The VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler uses a triple scan approach, where laser confocal scanning, focus variation, and white light interferometry measurement methods are used, so that high-accuracy measurement and analysis can be performed on any target. The VK-X3000 has a resolution of 0.01 nm and can scan areas up to 50 x 50 mm (1.97" x 1.97"), allowing for measurement of the overall shape of the target while still maintaining high-resolution for analysis of minute surface features. KEYENCE's new 3D Surface Profiler can handle any target, including those with transparent or mirrored surfaces, large height changes, or steep angles.


Optical Profiler Basics


Extensive magnification coverage, ranging from optical microscopes to SEMs

  • Magnification up to 28,800×
  • Automatic focusing
  • Observe any material


Instant, non-contact surface scanning

  • No target damage
  • Accurate nano-level measurement
  • Compatible with any shape or material


Unprecedented surface characterization

  • Quantification of even the most detailed shapes
  • Differentiate surfaces easily
  • Roughness analysis

Precise Scanning Unaffected By Material and Shape

White light interferometry / Laser confocal / Focus variation

  • Accurately measure steep slopes and angled surfaces
  • Best-in-class XY resolution ensures even the smallest features are captured
  • No data dropout on transparent or highly-reflective surfaces

High-Resolution Color Observation Captures True-to-Life Images

  • Material texture, shape, and other surface conditions are clearly shown
  • Color images make it possible to instantly determine where to measure
  • High-magnification imaging up to 28,800x offers additional analysis capabilities

292 Different Measurement Tools Allows for Unsurpassed Surface Analysis

One system enables diverse analysis from profile measurement to roughness characterization.

Measure Both Flat and Uneven Surfaces

Millimeter, micrometer, and nanometer measurements in one device.