Handheld Code Reader HR-100 series

Wide Target Area & High-Speed Response

  • [WIDE AREA] 265 × 195 mm 10.43" × 7.68"
  • [LARGE READING DEPTH] 380 mm 14.96"

HR-100 series - Handheld Code Reader

The compact and lightweight HR-100 Series handheld code reader features an easy-to-handle design perfect for work environments and has a scanning range approximately 3 times and a depth of field 1.4 times those of conventional models. The decoding speed is approximately 3 times faster than conventional models with 2D codes and 2 times faster with barcodes. As this series can quickly scan barcodes and 2D codes over a wide area, it can drastically improve your operational efficiency. These handheld models use a smaller number of parts while achieving higher performance, thereby reducing failure risks during operation and providing a robust design that withstands a 1.8-meter fall. The lineup includes wireless models that relieve you from the hassle of cables and drastically improve workability.


Easy Code Capture Allows High Speed Reading

Thanks to a wide reading area and large reading depth, codes are easily captured at the pull of the trigger.
High-speed reading that was not available with conventional handheld readers is now possible.

Drop Impact Resistance at 1.8m

The HR-100 Series is built to withstand accidental drops.
It can be used without fear of damage when dropped.


The new wireless model of the HR-100 Series eliminates the need for challenging cable routing. The increased mobility can lead to substantial productivity improvements.