Handheld DPM Code Reader SR-G100 series

Unprecedented High-Speed DPM Code Scanning Helps Improve Efficiency

SR-G100 series - Handheld DPM Code Reader

The SR-G100 Series handheld DPM code reader features fast scanning and reading stability. This series offers (1) user-friendliness in terms of easy handling owing to wireless connection along with simple setup and operations and (2) a high level of barcode/2D code reading performance. Operators can use the automatic calibration function to scan and configure settings with just the press of a button. This series is also equipped with a multi-lighting control function, which automatically selects the most suitable lighting from the different colors, polarized, multi-angle, and partial lighting options. This function also removes glare and enables the stable reading of challenging codes on metal or black plastic cylinders and dot peen marking on casting surfaces. The ergonomically designed body and optimal center-of-gravity design allow the user to immediately hold this series at the best angle and position, improving work efficiency.


Unprecedented High-Speed Reading

The SR-G100 Series is capable of reading at remarkable speeds, even with hard-to-read codes.

Easily Customizable Settings

Automatic tuning is done simply by pushing the function button and reading a code. There is no need to carry around a PC while using the SR-G100.

Center-of-Gravity Design

By naturally inducing a flat position, the SR-G100 reduces the impact of variations between users and code marking styles. This makes it possible for anyone to read codes consistently and stably.