Touch Panel Display VT5 series

A Breakthrough in Functionality and Visibility
Introducing the VT5

  • VT5-WX
  • VT5-X/W

VT5 series - Touch Panel Display

HMI with Machine Operation Recorder playback function.


Windows OS Embedded HMI with Machine Operation Recorder Playback Function(VT5-WX)

When the KV-8000A PLC records data related to a production error, the VT5-WX can display the recorded data directly on the touch panel.

Supports Large Equipment with Complex Functionality (VT5-X/W)

The VT5 Series touch panel displays offer not only a high-resolution XGA display with 16 million colors but also a variety of standard interfaces including RGB input and connectability to vision systems.

Get the Same Functions as the VT5 on Your PC

The software version of VT5 is designed to meet the needs of those who prefer operating on a PC rather than with a touch panel.