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LED TimerRT series

48-mm□ 4-digit 7-segment LED, One-stage Preset, AC Power Supply



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AC type

Operation method

Addition, subtraction, addition and subtraction

Operation mode

On delay 1, on delay 2, power on delay, off delay, flicker, interval, integration

Return method

Power reset, external reset, manual reset, automatic reset (excluding on delay 1, power on delay, and integration modes)

Display power

7-segment LED (character height: 12 mm)

Number of digits


Time range

0.001 s to 9.999 s, 0.01 s to 99.99 s, 0.1 s to 999.9 s, 1 s to 9,999 s, 1 s to 99 m 59 s, 0.1 m to 999.99 m, 1 m to 9,999 m, 1 m to 99 h 59 m, 0.1 h to 999.9 h, 1 h to 9,999 h

Power off memory time

Approx. 10 years (at 20°C 68°F)

Mounting method

Panel mount (embedding), surface mount, DIN rail mount*1

Timer accuracy

±0.01%, ±1 digit (in regards to the time-up value)

External calibration input signal

Response time

1 ms, 20 ms (switchable by way of a switch)


No-voltage input (with contacts, without contacts [IN input, RESET input])

Power supply reset

Minimum power opening time: 500 ms

One-shot time

0.01 s to 1 s (trimmer variable)

Control output

Relay output: 1c, 250 VAC, 3 A (resistive load); output without contacts: maximum NPN open-collector output: 100 mA (40 V or less)

DC output

12 VDC ± 10%, 50 mA maximum


Power voltage

100 to 240 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

9VA or less

Environmental resistance

Insulation resistance

100 MΩ or more (tested with a 500 VDC megger) between all the external terminals and the case

Noise resistance

Square wave noise generated by a noise simulator, between the power supply terminals, ±2 kV for 1 µs

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +50 °C 14 to 122 °F (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Withstand voltage

1,000 VAC for 1 minute (between all the external terminals and the case)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06", 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

100 m/s2, 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions


Approx. 170 g

*1 Use an optional attachment (OP-91867) to perform surface or DIN rail mounting.

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