High-accuracy temperature measurement unit (Thermocouple connectors) NR-TH08P

NR-TH08P - High-accuracy temperature measurement unit (Thermocouple connectors)

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NR-TH08P *1

Input method

Floating unbalanced input, channels insulated from each other, inputs insulated from other units (PC)

Number of channels

Input: 8 *2

Measurement cycle

Fastest sampling cycle of 100 ms (A/D integration time: 2 ms) to 1 h

A/D converting system

Delta-sigma method

A/D resolution

24 bit

A/D integration time

2 ms, 16.7 ms, 20 ms

Input type

Thermocouple: K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, C

Reference contact compensation

Switchable between internal and external (individual unit setting, 0°C 32°F for external)

Reference contact compensation accuracy

±0.5°C ±0.9°F (23°C ±3°C 73.4°F ±5.4°F, at input terminal temperature equilibrium)

Maximum input voltage

±60 V (rated)

Input impedance

10 MΩ or more

Withstand voltage

Measurement input terminal - System bus

1500 VAC (50/60 Hz) for 1 minute

Mutually between measurement input terminals

120 Vp-p AC/DC

Input connector

Miniature thermocouple connector (Universal Cu/Cu type) × 8 ports

Input signal source resistance

2 kΩ or less

Thermocouple burnout

Wire breakage detected by applying 1 μA of current

Burnout detection frequency

Detected in the measurement cycle

Measurable range

K: −100 to +1372°C -148°F to +2501.6°F, −200 to −100°C -328°F to -148°F *3
J: −100 to +1200°C -148°F to +2192°F, −200 to −100°C -328°F to -148°F *3
E: −100 to +1000°C -148°F to +1832°F, −200 to −100°C -328°F to -148°F *3
T: −100 to +400°C -148°F to +752°F, −200 to −100°C -328°F to -148°F *3
N: 0 to 1300°C 32°F to 2372°F *3
C: 1500 to 2315°C 2732°F to 4199°F, 0 to 1500°C 32°F to 2732°F *3
R: 300 to 1768°C 572°F to 3214.4°F, 0 to 300°C 32°F to 572°F *3
S: 300 to 1768°C 572°F to 3214.4°F, 0 to 300°C 32°F to 572°F *3
B: 400 to 600°C 752°F to 1112°F, 600 to 1820°C 1112°F to 3308°F *3

Measurement accuracy (A/D integration time: 16.7 ms, 20 ms)

K: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.6°C ±1.1°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±0.9°C ±1.6°F *3
J: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.6°C ±1.1°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±0.8°C ±1.4°F *3
E: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.6°C ±1.1°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±0.8°C ±1.4°F *3
T: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.5°C ±0.9°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±0.8°C ±1.4°F *3
N: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.6°C ±1.1°F *3
C: ±0.05% of rdg ±1.1°C ±2.0°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±0.8°C ±1.4°F *3
R: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.8°C ±1.4°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±1.6°C ±2.9°F *3
S: ±0.05% of rdg ±0.9°C ±1.6°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±1.6°C ±2.9°F *3
B: ±0.05% of rdg ±1.7°C ±3.1°F, ±0.05% of rdg ±1.0°C ±1.8°F *3

Display resolution

K: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
J: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
E: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
T: 0.01°C 0.02°F *3
N: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
C: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
R: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
S: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3
B: 0.05°C 0.09°F *3

Buffer memory

200k data

Warm up time

30 minutes or more*4

Power supply

Power consumption

1.2 W or less

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +40°C 32°F to 104°F

Relative humidity

10 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Approx. 250 g 8.83 oz (including approx. 120 g 4.24 oz for the OP-88519 (NR-TH08P thermocouple connector terminal block))

*1 The above specifications are the values when zero point adjustment is performed after the warm-up period in an environment with a temperature of 23°C ±3°C 73.4°F ±5.4°F.
*2 Max. expansion: 576 ch (with 72 units connected, using NR-X100W), 64 ch (with 8 units connected, using NR-500)
*3 Does not include reference junction compensation accuracy.
*4 45 minutes or more when 5 or more units are added.

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