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Automatically analyze and differentiate 3D surfaces

Quantify and compare the surfaces of multiple objects with the click of a button.


Multiple file display tool

Shows multiple results simultaneously so that you can compare them. Every setting can be applied collectively, including the measurement position, height/width range, and the reference plane for measurement. Different samples can be measured under the same conditions so that you can understand where and what differences exist at a glance.

Separate result files require longer analysis time and hinder understanding. Combining the data in Excel can be time consuming.

Due to an unaligned height range, users cannot tell visually which projections and depressions are greater. Measurement positions differ between the two files.

You can arrange samples you want to analyze and specify the items to compare for analysis.

Height and width ranges are aligned so that different surfaces can be compared. The measurement location can also be linked to enable accurate analysis.


Surface roughness visualization tool

42 roughness parameters are used to automatically compare surface conditions across multiple samples. This function quantifies differences in the surface values and prioritizes them based on their degree of separation, making it incredibly easy to evaluate discrepancies between samples.

Surface roughness visualization tool

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