Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine

WM series

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Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine WM series

Large 15 m (49.2') Measurement Range

  • High accuracy:
    - Precision measurements over a large area
  • Easy-to-use:
    - Just touch the part with the probe
  • Portable:
    - Measure anywhere

WM series - Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine

The WM Series Coordinate Measuring Machine is a new handheld CMM designed accurate 3D and GD&T measurements over a large 15m (49 ft) area. Similar to the XM Series, the unit is portable and shop-floor ready, so measurements can be taken in any location including in the machine tool. The unit also automatically records measurement data and creates detailed inspection reports. The image showcases our latest WM-3000 model which uses a wireless, handheld probe with on-screen visual guidance to have a single operator easily inspect parts with complex dimensions or would normally require multiple inspectors due to part size.


  • Equipment stand measurement

  • Assembly jig/inspection tool measurement

  • Assembled equipment parts measurement

  • Rework confirmation


Solving Large Part Measurement Problems

Arm CMM / Hand Tools / Laser Tracker

Large Parts are Difficult to Measure

  • Restricted measurement area
  • Single-person inspection is difficult
  • High maintenance costs

WM Series

Simple Large-scale Measurement

  • Wide measurement range
  • Easy-to-use
  • No cost of ownership

A New Concept in Coordinate Metrology

High-accuracy Precision Measurements over a Large Area

Maximum measurement range 15 m 49.2'

Easy-to-use Just Touch the Part with the Probe

No movement restrictions with the wireless probe.

Portable Measure Anywhere

The WM Series comes with a dedicated, mobile-case.

See What You Measure

Large fabricated metal part