Image Dimension Measurement System

IM-6000 series

Network Sharing Functions & Software

The IM Series is network compatible and has various software packages that further facilitate use and integration based on your needs. This powerful combination lets you easily communicate and synchronize your data to anything from in-house computers to offshore facilities.

Central data management

A LAN connection allows you to easily obtain measurement data or setting files for IM Series units located in remote locations. You can also send the setting files created on a PC or one IM Series unit to another IM Series unit. Managing data centrally on a server makes data consolidation and backup easy.

Statistics/analysis viewer

With the statistics/analysis viewer, the results of measurement with the IM Series can be checked also on a PC. This viewer can also be used for aggregating operations such as statistics/analysis and report preparation.

CAD import module [Optional: IM-H1C]

CAD import module / Measurement setting data

Even when a target is not at hand, an IM setting file can be created based on CAD data.
* Measurement setup editor required separately.

Measurement setup editor [Optional: IM-H11E]

Measurement setup editor / Measurement setup

The setup editor lets you edit or set up new setting files all from your PC.

Data transfer software [Optional: IM-H1T]

The results can be exported directly from the IM Series to your PC in a user-defined format.

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