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          Image Dimension Measurement System

          IM-6000 series

          Drastically Reduced Measurement Time

          Measurement Time Drastically Reduced through Unparalleled Speed

          Optical Technologies for Achieving “Place-and-Press” Measurement

          The image is in focus regardless of height differences

          Clear Focus Regardless of Height Differences -Target viewed from front-

          KEYENCE’s specifically designed lens provides a super wide field of view. Coupled with the Auto-Focus capability, the IM Series ensures the part is always in focus regardless of height differences. This allows for optimal accuracy at all times without worrying about setup.

          Apparent Feature Size not Affected by Height Differences -Target viewed from upper right-

          A telecentric lens maintains a constant image size regardless of height differences of a target. This allows accurate measurement of targets with uneven surfaces.

          The image is less distorted throughout the field of view

          Less Distortion even Along Lens Perimiter

          A lens with a low distortion even for the area along the outer edge of the field of view. Targets can be measured without concerns about their placement.

          Measurement Time Drastically Reduced through Unparalleled Speed

          [Industry first] Pattern search for automatic location and orientation correction

          The location and orientation of the target placed on the measurement stage are automatically detected and measured based on the recorded shape of the target. There is no need for positioning of the target or preparation of a jig at the beginning of measurement.

          [Industry first] Simultaneous measurement of all features by capturing an entire part

          This is a completely new measurement system which measures by capturing the entire image of a target within the field of view. Measurement is completed in a short time because all features are measured after the entire image is captured.

          [Industry first] Batch measurement for further reduction in measurement time

          The dimensions of all targets on the stage are measured simultaneously. Even when the targets are placed randomly, their locations and orientations are detected and measured automatically.

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