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Enhanced speed and accuracy

Even vibrating targets are measured stably

Measuring the outer diameter of a high-speed wire

High-speed exposure is used so that a precise inspection of the target can be performed even if the target is vibrating, making accurate measurement possible.

High-speed CMOS

Error in relation to vibrating workpieces

16,000 Hz sampling

By integrating the peripheral circuits of the measurement CMOS into one chip, the S/N ratio has been dramatically improved and high-speed sampling achieved. For example, targets that move at 1,000 m/min. can be measured at a pitch of around 1 mm 0.04".  Even parts that vibrate at high speeds can be measured stably.

Even misaligned parts are measured stably

Measuring the outer diameter of a shaft

The target monitor CMOS recognizes the orientation of the part and adjusts the measured value so there are no measurement errors due to inclination.

Monitor CMOS

Monitor image

Alignment adjustment

Recognizes the misalignment of a workpiece from the image taken by the monitor CMOS. Inclination error is removed automatically and does not affect the measurement result. The captured image can also be checked with computer software so even novices will have no problem taking measurements.

Two axis target position indicator

Measuring the position and outer diameter of an optic fiber

The LS-9000 can use the target positioning CMOS receiver to determine the location of the measurement target in two axes. This makes installation and part position feedback simple, even with a single axis system.

Target positioning CMOS

Position recognized in a 2D area

Transmitter/receiver direction and position measurement

With the additional data obtained from the target positioning CMOS, the LS-9000 can determine the position of the target in both the X and Y axes.

Ultra-thin outer diameter and ultra-thin gap measurement

Measuring the outer diameter of an ultra-thin wire

Specialized ultra-fine diameter / gap tool now allows measurement of gaps and diameters previously undetectable.