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Designed without moving parts for longer lifespan and less maintenance.

High durability design

Huge reduction of maintenance time

Huge reduction of maintenance time

With no motor to introduce wear and a long lifespan LED, minimal maintence is required.

High-intensity Green-LED x high-efficiency condenser unit

High-intensity Green-LED x high-efficiency condenser unit

Our proprietary wear-free construction

As a high intensity Green LED is used to generate the measurement beam, laser degradation typical with traditional systems is completely avoided. In addition, as the entire beam is generated with no moving parts, there is no motor or mirror system to wear out or replace.

Stable measurements in harsh environments

Measurement error in an oil mist environment

The effects of water, dust, and oil mist on the measurement value are eliminated.

IP67 construction x air purge unit

Meets the IP67 standard/Built-in air purge units

Best in class environmental resistance design

The system enclosure maintains an IP67 rated ingress protection for all internal components. In addition, the LS-9000 series heads come standard with a built in air purge mechanism to further enhance the system's resistance to environmental influence.

Extreme resistance to shock and temperature drift

Outer diameter measurement error due to temperature luctuations

Revolutionary design eliminates the influence of shock and temperature fluctuations on the measurement value.

Die-cast housing x optical unit protection design

Image of the receiver's internal construction

Hardened housing protects internal construction

The outer die-cast body has been mechanically isolated from the internal optical unit so that the outer body absorbs shocks and temperature variations, protecting the internal optics. Meets the IEC 68-2-29 standard (15 g/6 ms) for shock resistance.