High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

TM-3000 series

Measure up to 16 different dimensions simultaneously. In-Line 2D optical micrometer that can be used both in process and offline. High-Speed 2D Optical Micrometer TM-3000 Series

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1. Shortened tact times even when performing many simultaneous measurements

Measure up to 16 different locations/dimensions on your target simultaneously.

2. Measure moving targets with total confidence

The high-speed sampling and position correction function enables stable in-line measurement despite being a type of optical comparator.

3. Designed without moving parts for longer lifespan and less maintenance.

KEYENCE's proprietary optical design has no moving parts, eliminating the need for recalibration and long term maintenance.

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Case Studies

  • Optical Micrometers
    Possehl France SAS is a company that specializes in precision cutting and stamping. Thanks to its new TM-3000 optical micrometer from KEYENCE, it can now conduct very detailed inspections of every single part it produces.

  • Optical Micrometers
    To provide high-speed, high-accuracy inspection facilities for production of a new range of vials, Capitol Europe has opted for KEYENCE optical micrometers in the TM-3000 series. Example of

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