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Telecentric Measurement SystemTM-X5000 series

Sensor head (ø65 mm)



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Transmitter/receiver distance

270 mm 10.63"

Measuring range

Field of view

High-accuracy measurement area

ø40 mm ø1.57"

Measurement area

ø65 mm ø2.56"

Depth of field

High-accuracy measurement area

20 mm 0.79"

Measurement area

30 mm 1.18"

Exposure time

100 μs

Imaging time (Trigger interval)

Approx. 24 ms (at “Full” vertical/horizontal measurement range sizes)
Approx. 3 ms (at “4/16” vertical/horizontal measurement range sizes)

Light source

InGaN green LED

Measurement position accuracy

High-accuracy measurement area

±1.2 μm ±0.000047"*1

Measurement area

±2.2 μm ±0.000087"*1


±0.1 μm ±0.000004"*2

Pixel resolution

Approx. 37 μm 0.001457"

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Ambient temperature

0 to +45°C 32 to 113°F

Relative humidity

20 to 85% RH (No condensation)




Transmitter: Approx. 1300 g
Receiver: Approx. 1900 g
Base: Approx. 1500 g

*1 Error when measuring width of KEYENCE standard object (glass calibration scale).
*2 Average value of ±2σ measuring the width of a KEYENCE standard object (glass calibration scale) 16 times in the center of the measurement area.
*3 Excluding connectors and cable boxes.

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