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Spectral-Interference Wafer Thickness Meter

SI-F80R series


With the adoption of the near-infrared SLD, thickness measurement for the wafer alone is possible even while BG tape is affixed. Even when there is strong pattern-based variation on the surface of the wafer, accurate in-line measurement is possible.

    • Wafer thickness can be measure even if back grinding tape is affixed
    • Minimal pattern influence
    • In-line measurement is possible
    • Automatically maps the distribution of thickness for the entire wafer
    • The SI-F80R Series employs a near-infrared SLD that can penetrate through Si, GaAs, SiC, InP, a-Si, and other semiconductors.

    • Variations from wafer surface patterns and measurement alarms can be held to a minimum by decreasing the beam spot diameter and surface aberrations inside the spot beam.

    • A measuring device that can solve the problems of conventional wafer measurement methods.

    • Explains the measurement principle that has achieved 1 nm accuracy in an easy to understand manner.

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