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Motion Analysis Microscope

VW-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Recording Made Easy

To Simplify Operation, Follow The Flow Chart

e-Guidance Feature

Understand operational steps at a glance [Industry First]

The advanced interface simplifies the operational procedure. Simply follow the steps to configure the settings and perform highspeed recording. This makes for a simple and smooth operation, even for a novice.

Flow Chart Panel

Easily see which setup step you are on. Return to a previous step with a single mouse click.

Flow Chart Panel

e-Guidance Feature

Flow Chart Panel

Simple operation from setup to saving a finished project - Just follow the steps!

Initial Setup

STEP 1: Initial Setup

The secret to successful highspeed recording lies in the initial settings. Follow the flowchart for instructions on how to do everything from selecting the right lens to securing the tripod and dedicated stand.

Recording Settings

STEP 2: Recording Settings

After adjusting the position, zoom, and brightness, set a suitable shutter speed and frame rate for the moving target. Last of all, choose the trigger settings appropriate for the situation, and record.

Save the Settings

STEP 3: Save the Settings

Save recorded content on the built-in hard drive. When saving, it is possible to specify the required range for recorded footage. This screen also allows the user to control playback speed from 1 fps and to check/analyze footage immediately after recording.

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