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Motion Analysis

Functions to Simplify the Recording Process

Automatically Determine Changes in Motion

The VW-9000 greatly shortens the amount of time spent on setting and saving recordings by being able to recognize changes in motion automatically.

Motion Graph function [New]

A detailed graph allows users to visually track and quantify the amount of movement (amount of change) of a target.

Motion Graph function

Motion Preview function

Capture and preview a video using the double memory feature, while only displaying scenes that show large changes in motion.

Motion Preview function

Automatically selects scenes with large changes in motion

Scene Marking function

By analyzing the motion graph, this function recognizes changes in behavior and automatically leaves a marker associated with each time interval. Scene markers can also be added manually as needed. These markers allow users to display only the scenes that they want to view and skip other parts of the video.

Scene Marking function

Diverse lineup of trigger settings

Triggers dictate how information will be recorded once an event of interest has been observed. The VW-9000 supports both internal and external triggers to provide the most user-friendly methods of recording video.

Recording Settings


Sensor/Mic trigger [NEW]

Trigger video capture using an analog voltage from devices such as displacement gauges or microphones (commercially available)

Image trigger

Triggers based on a change in brightness in a specified area of the screen

External trigger

Capable of setting off a trigger with a detection signal from devices such as photoelectric or image sensors

High-Speed Long-Term Recording function

Record video for up to 13 hours at a maximum speed of 1,800 fps. Because it's also possible to set end triggers, you can stop recording after an error has occurred and check behavior retroactively.

High-Speed Long-Term Recording function

Internal data logger

Syncs video with data

The controller has a built-in single channel data logger. Videos and analog waveforms from vibration gauges, displacement gauges, and other devices can be displayed in sync.

Internal data logger

Example of data collection on shattering light bulb (movement and microphone sound pressure data)

Example of data collection on shattering light bulb

The VW-9000 can record high-speed video and any associated data.

• Correlate data from multiple devices to better understand the cause of a particular event

• Quantify motion (velocity, acceleration, etc)

• Accepts trigger inputs from external sensors