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High-speed Microscope

VW-9000 series

Easy System Operation

Easily Perform On-Site Operations Without Having To Use A Mouse.



Video editing

Edit recorded videos directly on the controller or on a PC. The data management software also allows users to easily modify on-screen measurements and images captured using the Multi-Frame Overlay function.

Video editing

Image Resizing

Reduce the size of recorded footage.

Image Trimming and Rotation

Resize videos to a specific display resolution and rotate as needed.

Still Image Extraction/Sequential Saving

Save a desired event as a sequence of still images.

Image Touch Up

Adjust the white balance, edge enhancement, and other settings.

Comment Input

Insert comments into recorded videos.

Dimension Measurement

Provides the same dimension measurement functions as the controller.

Multi-Frame Overlay

Combine several frames of a video into a single image.

Frame-by-Frame Capture

Capable of saving continuous frame by frame images as a list.

Multi-Frame Overlay function [NEW]

Multi-Frame Overlay

Multi-Frame Overlay

Combine multiple frames from a recorded video into a single image.

Frame-by-Frame Capture function

Frame-by-Frame Capture function

Create and save recorded video as a list of frame by frame images.

Multi-Frame Overlay Measurement function [NEW]

Multi-Frame Overlay Measurement function

Measure the distance and angle of moving targets that have been captured using the Multi-Frame Overlay function.

Microscope Library

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