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High-speed Microscope

VW-9000 series

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1. Set Up and Record in Minutes

The VW-9000 Series features built-in lighting and an LCD monitor - both items that are separate in conventional products. The system has been reduced to the bare essentials, eliminating the need to make large investments in equipment.

Set Up and Record in Minutes

2. Records Motion That Previously Could Not be Seen

We re-examined the camera element from scratch and developed a CMOS sensor that is best suited for magnified observation and recording high-speed video. Capable of providing 16 times the recording performance and more than 4 times the camera sensitivity compared to conventional models, the VW-9000 can record at up to 4,000 fps without dropping resolution (640 x 480).

Set Up and Record in Minutes

3. Motion Graph function

The VW-9000 greatly shortens the amount of time spent on setting and saving recordings by being able to recognise changes in motion automatically.

Motion Graph function

4. Advanced Magnified Observation

The VW-9000 High-Speed Microscope offers simple options for observation in mobile use and on flexible stand systems. You can examine the object from different perspectives and positions quickly and conveniently using the flexible stand for observation from various angles. The sample to be examined always remains visible at the centre of the screen due to the eucentric axis – even when the magnification is changed and without having to touch the sample.

Advanced Magnified Observation

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