Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor

FD-EP series

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Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor FD-EP series

New Complete Air Flow and Pressure Monitoring

  • Dual sensing of flow and pressure
  • Built-in predictive maintenance modes
  • Clog-resistant structure

FD-EP series - Air Flow and Pressure Dual Sensor

The FD-EP Series simultaneously monitors air flow and pressure to provide a full breakdown of pneumatic machine performance. The FD-EP Series also features built-in predictive maintenance modes specific to a variety of machines and applications (cylinders, seating confirmation, air blow, etc.) to identify common pneumatic equipment issues. Additionally, with its free flowing internal structure, the risk of clogging and pressure loss is eliminated.


Pressure × Flow

Dual Sensing of Flow and Pressure

Air pressure and air flow in a single unit opens up full understanding of pneumatic equipment on the machine. Knowing pressure and air flow at the same time allows us to predict component failures before unexpected downtime occurs. With 4 built-in application modes programmed into the sensor, increased machine uptime will be more achievable.

Built-In Predictive Maintenance Modes

The FD-EP Series features four built-in predictive maintenance modes to manage pneumatic equipment and diagnose potential component issues. These predictive maintenance modes include cylinder status monitoring, suction conveyance, seating, and air blow. The FD-EP monitors the condition of these processes in order to improve pneumatic equipment productivity and identify potential abnormalities.

Cylinder Status Monitoring

Suction Conveyance


Zero Risk of Clogging or Pressure Loss

The FD-EP Series features a free flowing internal structure without protrusions or obstructions in its flow path. This innovation eliminates the risk of clogging and pressure loss commonly experienced with conventional air flow sensors. Because of the sensor's innovative internal structure, the installation process is simplified and downtime is minimized.

Conventional Unit

Pressure loss and clogging caused due to rectifier mesh plate inside.

FD-EP Series

There are no protrusions or obstructions that can cause pressure loss or clogging.

Comparison of rated flow ranges (example with ø8 0.31" tube and air pressure of 0.4 MPa)

Easy Model Selection

Many conventional air flow sensors support a limited flow rate range, making it difficult to select a model that is compatible with both the correct tube diameter and flow rate. With the FD-EP Series, each model offers an extensive flow range and is compatible with a variety of tubes, making it easier than ever to select the applicable device.