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          Wire-saving AI Digital Pressure Sensor

          AP-V40 series

          Separate Amplifier/Thin Amplifier

          Industries First Wire-saving Designed Pressure Sensor

          V type (AP-V40 Series)

          High-speed, High-precision, Separate Amplifier Type with No Tubing Layout Required

          Separate thin amplifier type pressure sensor

          High resolution pressure sensor

          High resolution: 10x

          A resolution of 0.01 kPa,the highest in this class (with the AP-41M or AP-41 used), is achieved, allowing marginal designing even though the difference in pressure is minimal.

          High speed response pressure sensor

          1-ms High-speed Response

          The AP-V40 Series ensures a response time as high as 1 ms, which is the highest in this class, thus perfectly responding to a tact-time reduction for high-speed needs. The AP-V40 has analog monitor output with no delay, because the processing time is only 1 ms.

          AI tuning functionr

          New AI Tuning Function Incorporated (Patent Pending)

          The pressure change is sampled while the system is in operation, and the optimum zero-shift timing and threshold are automatically set. The adsorption check, which is the most difficult in level, is realized with ease.

          All-in-one I/O function

          All-in-one I/O Function

          Independent 2-point output, analog monitor output, and zero-shift input are incorporated as standard functions. There is no need to prepare a number of sensors and select the best one among them properly according to the application. * Either analog output or zero-shift input is selectable.

          Four pressure units

          Unit conversion function

          The pressure can be displayed in any of four pressure units enabling it to be used worldwide.

          The Industry's First Wire-saving Pressure Sensor

          Wire-saving pressure sensor

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