Safety Light Curtain

SL-C series

This model has been discontinued.
Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

Main Unit, Robust Type, 16 Optical Axes SL-C16HM

SL-C16HM - Main Unit, Robust Type, 16 Optical Axes

*Please note that accessories depicted in the image are for illustrative purposes only and may not be included with the product.

Data Sheet (PDF)


CAD Data

360°view (3D PDF)




Effective aperture angle

Max. ±2.5° (when operating distance is at least 3 m 9.8')

Response time

15 ms *1

Light source

Infrared LED (850 nm)

Detection capability

ø25 mm (when the blanking function is not used)

Operation mode

Turned on when light is being applied to all optical axes (excluding when the blanking function is used)

No. of beam axes


Detection zone

300 mm 11.81"

Protection area

345 mm13.583"

DetectingdistanceTransmitter lens: Norbornene plasticReceiver lens cover: Polyarylate

0.25 to 9 m

Beam axis interval

20 mm 0.79"

Lens diameter

OSSD output

Output type

2 outputs each for PNP and NPN, Can be switched using the connection connector cable

Max. load current

300 mA *2

OFF-state voltage

2.5 V (with a cable length of 7 m 23.0')

Leakage current

100 µA maximum*3

Max. capacitive load

2.2 µF (with a load resistance of 100 Ω)

Load wiring resistance

2.5 Ω maximum*4

Approved standards



IEC61496-1, EN61496-1, UL61496-1


EN55011 Class A, FCC Part15 Class A


IEC61496-1, EN61496-1, UL61496-1 (type 4 ESPE),IEC61496-2, EN61496-2, UL61496-2 (type 4 AOPD),UL508

Current consumption


61 mA


71 mA


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10 %, Ripple (P-P) 10 % or less

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP65 (IEC60529)*5

Ambient light

Incandescent lamp: 5,000 lux or less, Sunlight: 20,000 lux or less

Operating ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C 14 to 131 °F (No freezing)

Storage temperature

-10 to +60 °C 14 to 140 °F (No freezing)

Operating relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Storage relative humidity

35 to 95 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 0.7 mm 0.03", 20 sweeps in each of the X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

100 m/s2 (Approx. 10 G), 16 ms pulse, 1,000 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions



Approx 1.3 kg


*1 OFF→ON return time is 125 ms.
*2 Note the derating illustrated in the graph to the right when using PNP output.
*3 This includes situations in which the SL-C Series is off and in which the power supply line is disconnected.
*4 The wiring resistance between the OSSD output and the connected equipment (excluding the wiring resistance of the optional dedicated cable) must be 2.5 Ω or less to ensure that the SL-C Series operate correctly. If using the NPN output
*5 The SL-CHM Series attains a protection rating of IP65 because the main unit's sensor is enclosed in an aluminum case.

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