Holding force 900N M12 Connector type Standard type PNP GS-M91P

GS-M91P - Holding force 900N M12 Connector type Standard type PNP

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For hinged door High-holding force M12 Connector Standard

Holding force when locked


Holding force when unlocked

Approx. 50N *1


Max. 16 units

Operating distance


0.1 mm 0.004" *2

Sar(ON → OFF)

15 mm 0.59" *2

Response time (ms)


250 ms *3


Detect→ Not detect

20 ms + 2 ms × (number of cascaded unit -1) *3

Not detect→ Detect

300 ms + 25 ms × (number of cascaded unit -1) *3

Control output (OSSD output)


Transistor outputs × 2

Max. load current

150 mA

Residual voltage (during ON)

Max. 2.5 V (with a cable length of 5 m 16.4')
Max. 3.5 V (with a cable length of 31 m 101.7')

OFF state voltage

Max. 2.0 V (with a cable length of 5 m 16.4')
Max. 3.0 V (with a cable length of 31 m 101.7')

Leakage current

Max. 0.5 mA

Max. capacitive load

0.8 μF

Load wiring resistance

Max. 2.5Ω

AUX (Non-safety related output)


Transistor output
(Only advanced function type has two outputs.)

Max. load current

50 mA

Residual voltage (during ON)

Max. 2.5 V(with a cable of 5 m 16.4')
Max. 3.5 V(with a cable of 31 m 101.7')

External input (Short-circuit current)

Safety input

Approx. 1.5 mA × 2

Reset/EDM input

Approx. 5 mA
(For advanced function type only)

Lock control input

Approx. 2.5 mA

OSSD operation switching input

Approx. 2.5 mA
(For advanced function type only)

Applicable Standards (Safety)

EN61508, IEC61508(SIL3), EN ISO13849-1:2015(PL e, Category 4),
EN ISO14119(Type4), IEC60947-5-3, EN60947-5-3, UL 60947-5-2

Protection circuit

Reverse current protection, short-circuit protection and surge protection for each output

Power supply

Power voltage

24 V DC ±20 % (Ripple P-P 10% or less, Class2)

Power consumption

6 W

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP65/67 (IEC60529)

Operating ambient temperature

-20 to 55°C -4 to 131°F (No freezing)

Storage temperature

-25 to 70°C -13 to 158°F(No freezing) *4

Operating relative humidity

5% to 95%RH

Storage relative humidity

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 2.0 mm 0.08",
5 minutes in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
(IEC 60947-5-3)

Shock resistance

30 G in X, Y, Z directions 6 times each axis
(IEC 60947-5-3)


Main unit

PBT, PET/PAR, TPC, PC, Nickel-plated steel


PBT, Painted steel, Nickel-plated steel

Mounting bracket

Aluminum (Plate and screw: Steel)


Main unit

Approx.480 g
16.93 oz


Approx.250 g 8.82 oz

*1 When the actuator is pulled first after unlocked, the holding force increases.
*2 Due to the flexible structure of the actuator, the guard can open 3.8 mm 0.15" larger than the "Sar". The clearance between the actuator and the main unit may be narrowed by a maximum of 2.3 mm 0.09" due to the magnet power built into the actuator.
*3 Risk time according to IEC60947-5-3 is 150 ms + 2 ms × (number of cascaded units -1).
*4 When stored for a long period of time, please store it at temperature of 55°C 131°F or lower.

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