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Versatile Detection

Examples of the GV’s versatility are shown below.

Detecting presence/absence of weld nuts

weld nuts

• Long distance
• Detects regardless of irregular shape and surface finishes

Detecting quenched parts

quenched parts

• Long distance allows mounting away from heat
• Detects parts with irregular shape
• Detects oil soaked parts

Detecting displacement of blank material

displacement of blank material

• Unaffected by polished, metallic surface

Checking processed grooves of pipe material

grooves of pipe material

• Ignores scattered light and focuses only on the groove

Checking application of

application of adhesive

• Long distance detection of dark, glossy surfaces

Detecting presence/absence of brake pads

Brake Pad

• Long distance detection of dark and irregular shaped targets

Detecting snack packages

snack package

• Stable detection of shiny, wrinkled plastic or foil

Detecting presence/absence of cap seals

cap seals

• Targets are detected by height
• Perfect for applications where color changes frequently.

Detecting foam targets

foam targets

• Reliable detection when light is dispersed by a target such as foam