Digital CMOS Laser Sensor

GV series

  • CE Marking
  • UL Recognition(c/us)

1. Stable Detection

CMOS technology allows for stable detection and a high speed response. Now, targets that vary in color, surface finish, or angle are detected without issues.

GV Series CMOS Laser Sensor features

2. World's First Datum Algorithm

With this Datum Algorithm, the GV Series can differentiate anything other than the referenced surface.

GV Series CMOS Laser Sensor features

3. Beneficial Modes and Advanced Functions

Additional modes and functions like Edge Hold Mode and the Clamp Function, allow for high performance sensing.

GV Series CMOS Laser Sensor features

4. Versatile Detection

The technology in the GV paired with its simplicity, make it a sensor standard across multiple industries.

GV Series CMOS Laser Sensor Applications

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