Expandable Area Sensor

PJ series

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This model has been discontinued.

Recommended Replaceable Products: Safety Light Curtain - GL-R series

Base Unit PJ-V20

PJ-V20 - Base Unit





Base unit

Combination controller

PJ-V90, PJ-V91*1

No. of beam axes


Beam axis spacing


Maximum optical axis number

64 (PJ-V20 × 1 + PJ-V21 × 7)

Detection area

140 mm 5.512" (8 optical axes) to 1,260 mm 49.6" (64 optical axes)*2

Detecting distance


Detectable object

Opaque material with a diameter of 28 mm or more

Light source

Infrared LED (peak wavelength : 880 nm)

Operation format

Turned on when light is being applied to all optical axes

Effective aperture angle

±2.5° maximum (when the detecting distance is 3 m or more)*3

Indicator lamp

A string of 8, 2-color LEDs (red and green) for the transmitter and receiver



3-core shielded cable (0.5 mm2) with dedicated connector, length : 500 mm


4-core shielded cable (0.5 mm2) with dedicated connector, length : 500 mm


The transmitter and receiver cables can both be extended to a maximum length of 20 m. (This does not include the base unit's 50 cm.) Use the optional connection cables to extend the cable lengths as much as necessary.

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Ambient light

Incandescent lamp: 5,000 lux or less, sunlight: 20,000 lux or less

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C 14 to 131 °F (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 95 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 0.7 mm 0.03", 20 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

100 m/s2, 16 ms pulse, 1,000 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions


Case : aluminum, lens cover : polyarylate



Approx 430 g

End cap

Approx 140 g

Mounting bracket

Approx 50 g (1 pc.)

Interim support tool

Approx 5 g (1 pc.)

*1 The PJ-V91 cannot be used in a standalone manner. It is a subcontroller used to extend the PJ-V90.
*2 For information on the number of extension units and the detection area, see the manual.
*3 Based on IEC 61496 (EN61496)

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