Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor

PS-N series

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Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor PS-N series

Environmentally Resistant Photoelectric Sensors

High power sensors designed for tight spaces and demanding applications

PS-N series - Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor

The PS-N Series offers a variety of sensor heads; including ultra-thin, compact, and chemical-resistant variations. It has a range of up to 6m (19.69') and offers hard wired and M8 connector cable options.


Sensitivity Setup and Display Standardization at the Touch of a Button

The sensor where the error occurred is identifiable at a glance.

Easy configuration

By standardizing the received light intensity display of multiple sensors to “100” and “0”, it is easy to tell where an error has occurred because the sensor will not return to the original display value of “100” or “0”.

Electric Wire Cable Allows for Rejoining

Because the sensor head cable is a simple power cable, it can be extended to the desired length. By soldering or using a metal connector, it can be extended to a maximum of 10 m (32.81').

Joining fiberoptic sensors

The light intensity is attenuated by approximately 90% at the joining surface.
With the PS-NEO, no light attenuation occurs even when cables are rejoined.

Wide Range of Sensor Head Options

The PS Series lineup includes a broad range of sensor heads that have a wide variety of special characteristics, such as the environmentally resistant models that are encased in PFA for protection, or the reflective models that are able to avoid the effects of background light.

Small size, long distance

With PFA-sheath

Flat type