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Separate Amplifier Proximity Sensor

ES series

Long-distance Separate-amplifier Proximity Sensors

Twice the Range as Self-contained Proximity Sensors

Long Detecting Distance

A separate amplifier gives the ES series twice the detecting distance of self-contained proximity sensors.

Easily Adjustable Detecting Distance

The ES series doesn't need precise adjustments to sensor position during setup. You can adjust the detecting distance using the adjustment trimmer after the sensor head is installed or during operation. Because of its small amount of hysteresis, the ES series can detect minute height differences of continuously moving objects.

ES01 Series Amplifier

[NEW] ES01 Series Amplifier

25-turn metal trimmer for time adjustment. No need to bother with minute position adjustments of sensor heads during installation or maintenance.

17 Models of Sensor Heads are Available

Sensor heads are available in sizes ranging from 2.8 mm to 90.0 mm in diameter.

Protected cable (EH-305S/308S/110S)

The sensor cable is encased in a stainless steel spiral tube to prevent breakage.

Compact size (EH-402)

The smallest ES series proximity sensor, with a sensor head 2.8 mm in diameter, offers a maximum detecting distance of 7 mm.

Space-saving (EH-605)

The ES series thin-type sensor is only 3.5 mm thick, enabling it to be installed in areas of limited space.

Resistant to Welding Spatter (optional)

The fluoro-polymer resin cap protects the sensor head (EH-308/110/114) from welding spatters.

Oil-resistant (EH-108)

Precision-machined stainless steel and a special sealing mechanism makes the EH-108 highly resistant to oil.

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