Feedback sensor SJ-FB01

SJ-FB01 - Feedback sensor

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CAD Data

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  • CSA




Ion balance measurement

Measurement range

±50 V

Measurement accuracy

±0.5 V *1

Minimum display unit

0.1 V

Sampling cycle

0.1 s

Installation distance

50 mm 1.97" or more from SJ-F700

Temperature measurement

Measurement range

0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F

Measurement accuracy

±2°C ±3.6°F *2

Minimum display unit

0.1°C 32.18°F

Sampling cycle

0.5 s

Humidity measurement

Measurement range

10 to 85% RH

Measurement accuracy

±5% RH *2

Minimum display unit

1% RH

Sampling cycle

0.5 s

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +50°C 32 to +122°F

Relative humidity

10 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Case: PBT
Ion-sensing plate: SUS
Display sheet: PET
Cable jacket: PVC
Connector resin: Polyester elastomer
Connector metal: Brass (nickel plated)


Approx. 30 g 1.05 oz

*1 At ±15 V or less; ±10% (indicated) for other ranges
*2 At 25°C 77°F with a relative humidity of 50%

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