AutoID Data Controller

DV-90 series

Barcode Data Verification Functions

Wide Range of Functions to Support Various Barcode Applications

DV-90 Data controller system.

DV-90 Series Verification Functions

Normal Verification

Compares readout data to the preset data and outputs the result with a corresponding output number.

Step Verification

Compares two consecutive data readings and outputs whether the two data strings match or do not match

Active Verification

Compares the readout data to one of the preset data selected and outputs whether they match or do not match.

3-point Verification

Compares the combinations of three pieces of data and outputs whether the combinations match or do not match.

Picking Verification

Compares three bar codes in turn and determines that they are picked in the correct order

Bar Code Printing Quality Check Function

Readout bar codes are checked against the reading quality level specified to the bar code reader connected to the DV-90. When the quality of a readout bar code is lower than the specified level, an NG signal is produced. This allows for checking bar codes with poor printing quality before problems occur.

Checking products passing the use-by date

The DV-90 can verify separately up to three of multiple pieces of data contained in a bar code, such as a product code, use-by date, and a lot number. If a bar code includes the data of the use-by date, such as EAN-128, a product passing the use-by date can be checked by verifying the date data string against the calendar timer in the DV-90.

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