Stable Operation with the Preventive Maintenance Function

Image Quality Check

The SR-750 Series is the first product in this class with code quality judgment and threshold functions.
This enables you to notice image deterioration before an error occurs, reducing downtime.

Matching Level Function

Enables Code Quality and Readability Thresholds

When a code is scanned successfully, the SR-750 determines the readability of the scanned code. This information can be used to check the reliability of scanning, as a correlation index for the parameter bank tuning, or to give feedback or information to product suppliers and customers.

Two codes, both having a reading rate of 100%, can still be distinguished by the matching level

Target Code Verification Function

Verification based on industry printing or marking standards

Total grades can be appended based on various standards, and pass/fail thresholds for outputs can be applied as well. This function is designed for 2D codes (QR, DataMatrix).

Judgment can also be performed for each parameter