High Performance Compact 1D and 2D Code Reader

SR-750 series

Automatic Selection of Optimal Reading Conditions/Powerful on Fast Moving Workpieces

Automatic Selection of Optimal Reading Conditions (Parameter Bank Function)

Automatically alternates among 10 banks; achieving optimal reading conditions.

Even if difficult codes are mixed with ordinary codes on the same line, the SR-750 Series will automatically alternate between registered parameters until the proper reading conditions are found.

Powerful on Fast Moving Workpieces

Continuous imaging / Decode / Read data output /

Burst Read Function: Acquires up to 8 consecutive images. The decoding process is performed after continuous imaging, allowing for higher speed code detection.
High Speed Image Capturing: The built-in ultrahigh- intensity LED, bright enough even during short exposure times, and high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) can capture moving objects effectively. (Read codes at line speed up to 170 m/min 557.7 ft./min with a KEYENCE test label)

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